[slurm-users] energy data with Kafka job comp

Benini Massimo massimo.benini at cscs.ch
Thu Oct 19 08:53:46 UTC 2023

Hello Slurm Users,

I have been exploring the energy reporting capabilities within the JobCompKafka plugin and would appreciate some guidance on how to configure it to receive energy information. Specifically, I am interested in understanding whether it is possible to configure slurm with JobCompKafka plugin to receive energy data in the json sent to Kafka.

Some relevant parameters of our slurm.conf:

SelectType              = select/cons_res
SelectTypeParameters    = CR_CORE_MEMORY
AccountingStorageTRES   = cpu,mem,energy,node,billing,fs/disk,vmem,pages
AccountingStorageType   = accounting_storage/slurmdbd
AcctGatherEnergyType    = acct_gather_energy/pm_counters
JobAcctGatherFrequency  = task=30,energy=30,filesystem=30
JobAcctGatherType       = jobacct_gather/linux

Energy data are correctly stored in the slurmDBd, but are not sent in the json message to Kafka.

If this is indeed possible, I would be grateful if you could provide me with the necessary configuration steps or any relevant documentation that can assist in setting up energy reporting with the JobCompKafka plugin. 

Massimo Benini

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