[slurm-users] Configure a user as "admin" only in his/her account

Rémi Palancher remi at rackslab.io
Wed Oct 18 10:53:22 UTC 2023


Le mercredi 18 octobre 2023 à 12:29, Gestió Servidors <sysadmin.caos at uab.cat> a écrit :

> Hello,
> I would like to if it possible to configure a user as “admin” only for his/her account. For example, in my accounting tree I have an account called “students” with users “student-1”, “student-2” and so on. In this account, there are a user called “teacher” that must have privileges to cancel a job of any of the “students” users. I have read that a can update the “AdminLevel” attribute of an user, but then, this user could cancel jobs of ANY users, right? Or only of the users of his/her parent account?

Right, operators and administrators have permissions on all users.

What you need is the coordinator role:

You can set teacher as coordinator of students account:

# sacctmgr add coordinator account=students names=teacher

Then teacher will have the ability to cancel students' jobs among other things (eg. set limits on students associations, etc). It won't have any special privilege on other accounts.

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