[slurm-users] REST-based CLI tools out there somewhere?

Oren Shani oren.shani at mail.huji.ac.il
Sun Nov 12 05:37:41 UTC 2023

Hi Chip

Pyslurm <https://pyslurm.github.io/23.2/> is a python library that enables
interfacing with slurm from within a python script. I played around with
and older version that  implemened only srun/sbatch but it looks like the
new version also covers the other s* commands take a look at the API here

So I guess you can use Pyslurm as a basis for a web service and in this way
achieve what you want. I wonder how you plan to do the users'
authentication part, though... Would appreciate it if you can share some
ideas on that.



On Fri, Nov 10, 2023 at 1:17 AM Chip Seraphine <cseraphine at drwholdings.com>

> Hello,
> Our users submit their jobs from shared submit hosts, and have expressed
> an understandable preference for being able to submit directly from their
> own workstations.   The obvious solution (installing the slurm client on
> their workstations, or providing a container that does something similar)
> are not available to us because of security concerns.   This leaves REST as
> the best option.   We’re hoping to provide a REST-based toolset that users
> familiar with the command line tools can make immediate use of (so,
> provides basic, stripped-down functionality of srun, squeue, sacct, and
> sinfo).  Basically, we want to create a subset of the s* commands that can
> be run from some arbitrary machine if the user has the appropriate token.
> It’d be surprising if we were the first people to go down this path, but
> searching has turned up nothing.   Is there a project anyone knows about
> out there for providing command-line SLURM commands that use REST to talk
> to the daemons?   Or am I missing some obvious solution here?
> --
> Chip Seraphine
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