[slurm-users] REST-based CLI tools out there somewhere?

Davide DelVento davide.quantum at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 20:35:39 UTC 2023

> Having a large number of researchers able to run arbitrary code on the
> same submit host has a marked tendency to result in an overloaded host.
> There are various ways to regulate that ranging from "constant scolding" to
> "aggressive quotas/cgroups/etc", but all involve some degree of
> inconvenience for all concerned.   So the desire is to do the same things
> they are currently doing, but on a node they do not have to share.

If you have enough resources this could be a node managed by slurm, and you
can use allocations to make sure people play nice.

> For example, user X has a framework that consumes data from various
> sources, crunches it in Slurm by executing s* commands, and spits out
> reports to a NAS share.   The framework itself is long-running and
> interactive, so they prefer to keep it out of Slurm; however it is also
> quite heavy, and thus a poor fit for a shared system.  This can be
> addressed in many ways, but the lowest-effort route (from user X's point of
> view) would be to simply run the existing framework somewhere else so they
> do not need to share.

Why not a dedicated node on your cluster?

Open OnDemand works really great for this use case! Give it a try, there is
a nice demo install which you can use for testing it (no install required
on your side): https://openondemand.org/run-open-ondemand

If that does not work for you, Jared's (*) suggestion of wrapping slurm
commands in ssh scripts or the likes sounds like your best bet.

(*): Hi Jared, long time... hope you're doing well.
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