[slurm-users] REST-based CLI tools out there somewhere?

Chip Seraphine cseraphine at DRWHoldings.com
Fri Nov 10 18:47:01 UTC 2023

On 11/10/23, 2:25 AM, "slurm-users on behalf of Loris Bennett" <slurm-users-bounces at lists.schedmd.com <mailto:slurm-users-bounces at lists.schedmd.com> on behalf of loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de <mailto:loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de>> wrote:

>> Basically, we want to create a subset of the s* commands that can be
>> run from some arbitrary machine if the user has the appropriate token.
> I don't understand the use-case here. If the users are comfortable on
> the command-line, why would running 'sbatch' et al. in a local shell be
> preferable to first connecting to the cluster and then running 'sbatch'?

Having a large number of researchers able to run arbitrary code on the same submit host has a marked tendency to result in an overloaded host.  There are various ways to regulate that ranging from "constant scolding" to "aggressive quotas/cgroups/etc", but all involve some degree of inconvenience for all concerned.   So the desire is to do the same things they are currently doing, but on a node they do not have to share.

For example, user X has a framework that consumes data from various sources, crunches it in Slurm by executing s* commands, and spits out reports to a NAS share.   The framework itself is long-running and interactive, so they prefer to keep it out of Slurm; however it is also quite heavy, and thus a poor fit for a shared system.  This can be addressed in many ways, but the lowest-effort route (from user X's point of view) would be to simply run the existing framework somewhere else so they do not need to share.

Rather than require all users in this situation to rewrite all their code to use REST calls,  I'd like to offer a drop-in tool set that has similar inputs and outputs to commands like "sacct" or "srun", but under the covers uses REST, thus removing the requirement of having a local munge setup.    This would give them an interim solution while the conversion to native REST is being worked at liesure.

Hope that clarifies!

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