[slurm-users] Several slurmdbds against one mysql server?

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 15:45:59 UTC 2023

Ole is spot on with his federated suggestion. That is exactly what fits 
the bill for you, given your requirements. You can have everything you 
want, but you don't get to have it how you want (separate databases).
When/If you looked deeper into it, you will find that it addresses the 

This looks more like an instance where "I have a solution, please agree 
with me and help me make it work." Something, I am confident many of the 
folks here run into.

Look at your requirements rather than your solution.

On a technical note: slurm keeps the detailed accounting data for each 
cluster in separate TABLES within a single database.
If you want to have separate databases, it will be on you to do all the 
aggregation work from separate queries. I am doing just that because I 
have separate databases for each of my clusters. This is because each 
cluster is in a different part of the world and trying to federate them 
in a performant manner was prohibitively expensive.

Brian Andrus

On 4/29/2023 10:53 PM, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> Hi Ole,
> Ole Holm Nielsen <Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk> writes:
>> Maybe you want to use Slurm federated clusters with a single database
> thanks for the links, but federated clusters is not what I need. I want
> to have separate clusters, with different users, job IDs, etc. and the
> only think that I want to aggregate is their databases, to simplify my
> life when gathering stats. My question was, then, to try and understand
> the pros and cons of having several slurmdbds or just one.
> Cheers,

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