[slurm-users] How to implement resource restriction for diffrent slurm users under same slurm account

Hemanta Sahu hemantaku.sahu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:51:59 UTC 2022

Dear All,

     I want to implement resource restriction for different slurm users
the same slurm account by setting  "GrpTRESMins" Flag. For testing purposes
I set the "GrpTRESMins=cpu=0"  and submitted the Job.

  I expect the job submission should fail but it is not happening. The jobs
are still going to Q and running.

Kindly help me if I am missing anything obvious. Command outputs given
below for reference.

[testfac3 at login04 export_bin]$ sacctmgr  modify user name=testuser100
Account=testfac3_imf set GrpTRESMins=cpu=0
 Modified user associations...
  C = param-shakti A = testfac3_imf         U = testuser100
Would you like to commit changes? (You have 30 seconds to decide)
(N/y): y

[testuser100 at login04 ~]$ sacctmgr show assoc where Account=testfac3_imf
user=testuser100 format=Account%15,User%15,GrpTRESMins,QOS%30
        Account            User   GrpTRESMins                            QOS
--------------- --------------- ------------- ------------------------------
   testfac3_imf     testuser100         cpu=0                   testfac3_imf

[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$ sacctmgr show qos sacctmgr show qos
                Name     MaxWall                Flags          GrpTRESMins
MaxSubmitPU MaxSubmitPA GrpTRESRunMin   Priority
-------------------- ----------- -------------------- --------------------
----------- ----------- ------------- ----------
        testfac3_imf  3-00:00:00  DenyOnLimit,NoDecay        cpu=210000000
        100         500                    10000
[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$

[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$ scontrol show job 949622|grep JobState
   JobState=COMPLETED Reason=None Dependency=(null)
[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$

[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$ cat testjob.sh
#SBATCH -J testjob                # name of the job
#SBATCH -p standard               # name of the partition: available
options "standard,standard-low,gpu,gpu-low,hm"
#SBATCH -n 2                      # no of processes
#SBATCH -q testfac3_imf
#SBATCH -A testfac3_imf
#SBATCH -t 01:00:00               # walltime in HH:MM:SS, Max value 72:00:00
#list of modules you want to use, for example
module load compiler/intel-mpi/mpi-2020-v4 compiler/intel/2020.4.304

#name of the executable
exe="uname -n"

#run the application
mpirun -n $SLURM_NTASKS $exe

[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$ sbatch testjob.sh
Submitted batch job 949622

[testuser100 at login04 testuser100]$ squeue
             JOBID PARTITION     NAME     USER ST       TIME  NODES
            949622  standard testjob- testuser  R       0:04      2

Thanks in advance

Best Regards
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