[slurm-users] slurm power saving policy

Mike z148x at arcor.de
Fri Oct 14 11:38:33 UTC 2022


I'm looking for information on what policies the slurm resume program 
calculates new nodes. As I understand, limits can be set like ResumeRate.

For example, how many workers are started without a ResumeRate limit 
with 50 short pending jobs? How many jobs can be processed on a node at 
the same time? Which job parameters are used for selecting the 
appropriate nodes and is the boot-time somewhere taking into account?

So far I haven't been able to find much on the subject of slurm power 
saving, maybe someone knows of interesting papers or other sources of 
information in this area?
Maybe also papers where it was tested in comparison to another scheduler 
scaling technology.

The sentence at the bottom:
"Booting Different Images

If you want ResumeProgram to boot various images according to job 
specifications ..."

But, the power saving plugin can already selects different nodes after 
the configuration file with predefined nodes?

Many thanks in advance.


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