[slurm-users] Building with latest pmix-4.0.0 error

remi@rezib.org remi at rezib.org
Wed Jan 5 08:21:52 UTC 2022

Le Mercredi, Janvier 05, 2022 07:56 CET, Wayne Hendricks <waynehendricks at gmail.com> a écrit: 
> […]
> Not much useful output here. Pointing at the older pmix-3.2.3 dir seems to work fine. Not sure if this is an error with slurm or pmix install, but mix-4.0.0 seems to compile and install correctly.

PMIx v4 support has been temporarily dropped in Slurm : https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/commit/34bd96a

As far as I can understand, it has never worked properly due to some changes in PMIx starting from v4. There is an ongoing effort to fix this: 


Maybe you can try this Slurm fork where work is being done:

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