[slurm-users] Building with latest pmix-4.0.0 error

Wayne Hendricks waynehendricks at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 06:56:52 UTC 2022

./configure --prefix=/admin/slurm/slurm-21.08.5 --with-pmix=/admin/slurm/pmix-4.0.0

onfigure: WARNING: unable to locate pmix installation
configure: error: unable to locate pmix installation

configure:17261: checking for pmix installation
configure:17299: gcc -o conftest -DNUMA_VERSION1_COMPATIBILITY -g -O2 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -pthread -I/admin/slurm/pmix-4.0.0/include    conftest.c -L/admin/slurm/pmix-4.0.0/lib -lpmix  -lm -lresolv  >&5
configure:17299: $? = 0
configure:17330: gcc -E -I/admin/slurm/pmix-4.0.0/include  conftest.c
configure:17330: $? = 0
configure:17488: result: /admin/slurm/pmix-4.0.0
configure:17510: error: unable to locate pmix installation

Not much useful output here. Pointing at the older pmix-3.2.3 dir seems to work fine. Not sure if this is an error with slurm or pmix install, but mix-4.0.0 seems to compile and install correctly.

Also, could use an error message for dependencies if libevent-core and libevent-pthreads are not installed in the main configure output. It shows in the config log during pmix check but not in main output. Anyone have an idea what is tripping it up?

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