[slurm-users] SlurmDBD 20.02.7

Danny Marc Rotscher danny.rotscher at tu-dresden.de
Thu Jan 6 14:36:58 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

today we update our Slurm database daemon from 20.02.2 to 20.02.7 and everything works except when I try to delete a user it does not work.
sacctmgr -i delete user name=xyz account=xyz
sacctmgr: slurmdbd: No error
 Nothing deleted

slurmdbd_1  | slurmdbd: error: mysql_query failed: 1364 Field 'max_tres_pj' doesn't have a default value
slurmdbd_1  | update "taurus_assoc_table" as t1 set mod_time=1641479365, deleted=1, def_qos_id=DEFAULT, shares=DEFAULT, max_jobs=DEFAULT, max_jobs_accrue=DEFAULT, min_prio_thresh=DEFAULT, max_submit_jobs=DEFAULT, max_wall_pj=DEFAULT, max_tres_pj=DEFAULT, max_tres_pn=DEFAULT, max_tres_mins_pj=DEFAULT, max_tres_run_mins=DEFAULT, grp_jobs=DEFAULT, grp_submit_jobs=DEFAULT, grp_jobs_accrue=DEFAULT, grp_wall=DEFAULT, grp_tres=DEFAULT, grp_tres_mins=DEFAULT, grp_tres_run_mins=DEFAULT, qos=DEFAULT, delta_qos=DEFAULT, priority=DEFAULT where (id_assoc=3527);
slurmdbd_1  | slurmdbd: error: CONN:9 No error

Does anyone knows what that mean?

I also found out, that all *tres* fields in taurus_assoc_table are empty but not NULL.

Kind regards,
Danny Rotscher

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