[slurm-users] Questions about sacctmgr load command

Jacob Chappell jacob.chappell at uky.edu
Mon Jan 11 16:50:20 UTC 2021

We have a decent number of associations in our Slurm database (several
thousand), and sometimes the sacctmgr command is a bit finicky. We've found
it to claim it added an association before but actually didn't when the
load was high enough. We have API scripts that rely on associations being
added correctly.

Recently, I was looking into sacctmgr save/load, and it seems to be a much
more efficient way of rebuilding the hierarchy of associations. My question
is, can it also be used for amendments to the associations? For example, if
I add a new account and a few new users to the existing cfg file (several
thousand lines long) and load it again, will it skip existing entries or
will it cause problems?

Any other details anyone can provide about the sacctmgr load command would
be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your time,
*Jacob D. Chappell, CSM*
Research Computing | Research Computing Infrastructure
Information Technology Services | University of Kentucky
jacob.chappell at uky.edu
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