[slurm-users] slurmdbd errors after MariaDB upgrade

Peter Van Buren vanburen at cshl.edu
Wed Sep 30 18:51:40 UTC 2020


I am running an old version of slurm (slurm 14.11.4). It's been working 
great up until there was a recent unintended upgrade of the MariaDB 
The upgrade took MariaDB from 5.5.60 to 10.3.20. After that point, I am 
unable to use the sacct command. It reports an error:

sacct: error: Resource temporarily unavailable

The slurmdbd log shows:

[2020-09-30T14:35:44.878] debug2: Opened connection 8 from
[2020-09-30T14:35:44.881] debug:  DBD_INIT: CLUSTER:cluster VERSION:7168 
UID:1000 IP: CONN:8
[2020-09-30T14:35:44.881] debug2: acct_storage_p_get_connection: request 
new connection 1
[2020-09-30T14:35:44.924] debug2: DBD_GET_JOBS_COND: called
[2020-09-30T14:35:44.945] error: Processing last message from connection 
8( uid(1000)
[2020-09-30T14:35:44.985] debug2: Closed connection 8 uid(1000)

Some research shows this might be an incompatibility with newer versions 
of MariaDB and my version slurm due to a change in SQL code:


Unfortunately I don't have a backup of this database from before the 
upgrade. I dumped the slurm_acct_db database, downgraded MariaDB and 
restored the database,
but the error still occurs. Is there any way for me to get slurmdbd 
working again without starting from scratch? I'd prefer not to lose all 
of the data in the database.


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