[slurm-users] Limit nodes of a partition without managing users

Gerhard Strangar g.s at arcor.de
Tue Aug 18 06:23:57 UTC 2020

Brian Andrus wrote:
> Most likely, but the specific approach depends on how you define what 
> you want.

My idea was "high prio job is next unless are are too many of them".

> For example, what if there are no jobs in high pri queue but many in 
> low? Should all the low ones run?


> What should happen if they get started 
> and use all the nodes and a high-pri request comes in (preemption policy)?

No preemption.

> What about the inverse of that?

The inverse of what? All nodes being used by high prio jobs? That's
exactly what I want to avoid.

> What if you get a steady stream of 
> high-pri jobs? How long should low-pri wait before being allowed to run?

As long as it takes. Since I'm trying to avoid high prio jobs consuming
all nodes, it won't take forever. :-)

> Does it matter if it is all the same user?1


> You can handle much of that type of interaction with job priorities and 
> a single queue. As you can see, the devil is in the details on how to 
> define/get what you want.

How do you make sure the single partition doesn't run high prio jobs
only if there's a sufficient amout of those?


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