[slurm-users] Limit nodes of a partition without managing users

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 15:52:08 UTC 2020

Without preemption there is no way in your scenario to ensure all nodes 
won't be used by "high priority" jobs merely because it is 
(theoretically) possible for all jobs to be high priority until the 
cluster is full before the first low priority job is submitted. You 
would need to decide how to handle the situation when that happens.

To get at how to deal with it, separate what your users consider "high 
priority" from what slurm considers "priority" (which is an actual 
number used to schedule jobs).

If you manipulate the slurm priority number of a job, you can place it 
wherever you like in the queue waiting to run. So a "low priority" job 
to you can have a priority number that is quite high to slurm so it runs 

In this manner, you can do things to any of the jobs in the queue to 
place them in the order you want.

Using that approach, you may want to just look at the multifactor 
priority plugin (https://slurm.schedmd.com/priority_multifactor.html). 
In particular the Age and Partition factors. Maybe make "low priority" 
jobs gain priority faster than high priority jobs. So, they may wait, 
but they will wait a relatively shorter amount of time. There are 
numerous other factors you can use. If you have accounting and 
associations configured, you can manipulate it all the way to the 
association and qos.

Brian Andrus

On 8/17/2020 11:23 PM, Gerhard Strangar wrote:
> Brian Andrus wrote:
>> Most likely, but the specific approach depends on how you define what
>> you want.
> My idea was "high prio job is next unless are are too many of them".
>> For example, what if there are no jobs in high pri queue but many in
>> low? Should all the low ones run?
> Yes.
>> What should happen if they get started
>> and use all the nodes and a high-pri request comes in (preemption policy)?
> No preemption.
>> What about the inverse of that?
> The inverse of what? All nodes being used by high prio jobs? That's
> exactly what I want to avoid.
>> What if you get a steady stream of
>> high-pri jobs? How long should low-pri wait before being allowed to run?
> As long as it takes. Since I'm trying to avoid high prio jobs consuming
> all nodes, it won't take forever. :-)
>> Does it matter if it is all the same user?1
> No.
>> You can handle much of that type of interaction with job priorities and
>> a single queue. As you can see, the devil is in the details on how to
>> define/get what you want.
> How do you make sure the single partition doesn't run high prio jobs
> only if there's a sufficient amout of those?
> Gerhard

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