[slurm-users] Tuning MaxJobs and MaxJobsSubmit per user and for the whole cluster?

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 7 13:22:53 UTC 2020

My rule of thumb is that the MaxJobs for the entire cluster is twice the 
number of cores you have available.  That way you have enough jobs 
running to fill all the cores and enough jobs pending to refill them.

As for per user MaxJobs, it just depends on what you think the maximum 
number any user can run with out causing damage to themselves, the 
underlying filesystems, and interfering with other users.  Practical 
experience has lead to us setting that limit to be 10,000 on our 
cluster, but I imagine it will vary from location to location.

-Paul Edmon-

On 8/6/2020 10:31 PM, Hoyle, Alan P wrote:
> I can't find any advice online about how to tune things like MaxJobs 
> on a per-cluster or per-user basis.
> As far as I can tell, it seems that the default install cluster 
> MaxJobs seems to be 10,000 and MaxSubmit as the same.  Those seem 
> pretty low to me:  are there resources that get consumed if maxSubmit 
> is much higher or can we raise this without much worry?
> Is there advice anywhere about tuning these?  When I google, all I can 
> find are the generic "here's how to change this" and various 
> universities' documentation of "here are the limits we have set."
> -alan
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