[slurm-users] Preemption Priority

Paul Edmon pedmon at cfa.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 25 14:15:47 UTC 2019

You might want to look at these options for SchedulerParamtesr:

    If set, then execute extra logic in an attempt to preempt only the
    lowest priority jobs. It may be desirable to set this configuration
    parameter when there are multiple priorities of preemptable jobs.
    The logic to support this option is only available in the
    select/cons_res and select/cons_tres plugins. 
    If set, then the preemption sorting algorithm will be changed to
    sort by the job start times to favor preempting younger jobs over
    older. (Requires preempt/partition_prio or preempt/qos plugins.) 

-Paul Edmon-

On 10/25/19 7:21 AM, Oytun Peksel wrote:
> Hi,
> Let’s say I have two partitions assigned to the same single load in 
> the cluster.
> LowPrio with PreemptMode=suspend Priority=1
> HighPrio with PreemtMode=off Priority=5
> I have 4 identical jobs requiring 1/2 of resources in the cluster. So 
> only 2 jobs can run at the same time.
> I queue up two of these jobs to LowPrio partition one after the other. 
> Let’s say one have jobid=10 and the next one has jobd=11
> Then I queue up a third job to HighPrio partition. One of the LowPrio 
> jobs immediately get suspended.
> *Q1. How can I make sure the one submitted latest(jobid=11 in this 
> case) gets suspended and not jobid=10?*
> Then before any job is finished I submit the final job to LowPrio 
> partition.
> So the queue looks like this
> *Q2. When HighPrio job (12) finishes how can I make sure suspended 
> job(10) would start instead of the pending job(13)?*
> Thanks
> *Oytun Peksel*
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