[slurm-users] User submitted advance reservations? (SGE qrsub equivalent)

Tina Friedrich tina.friedrich at it.ox.ac.uk
Thu May 16 13:08:20 UTC 2019

Hi Lawrence,

no, as far as I can tell, SLURM doesn't have any way to allow users to 
submit/create advance reservations.

Could you get around it with sudo? It would be easy to allow a group of 
user to run 'sudo scontrol create ....' (or a suitable wrapper script, 
to make the syntax easy). It'd get you around the 'too many permissions' 
issue. (The scripting one sounds very complicated, but workable :) ).


On 16/05/2019 13:51, WRIGHT Lawrence wrote:
> Wondering if there's a way in SLURM for (appropriately permissioned) end 
> users to submit Advance Reservations, in a similar manner to the "qrsub" 
> command in Grid Engine? As far as I've been able to glean from the docs, 
> the only way to do this would be to make the users in question Operators 
> and get them to create the reservation via scontrol. Granting Operator 
> permission to end users isn't something we can do unfortunately, so I'm 
> looking for another route.
> Worst comes to the worst we could sort something out with authorised 
> users creating a file containing a reservation spec which then gets 
> picked up by a monitor script running as a service account with Operator 
> permission, but that's a somewhat dirty solution. Something native would 
> be nice :-)
> Any help appreciated!
> Lawrence.
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