[slurm-users] User submitted advance reservations? (SGE qrsub equivalent)

WRIGHT Lawrence lawrence.wright at soprasteria.com
Thu May 16 12:51:07 UTC 2019

Wondering if there's a way in SLURM for (appropriately permissioned) end users to submit Advance Reservations, in a similar manner to the "qrsub" command in Grid Engine? As far as I've been able to glean from the docs, the only way to do this would be to make the users in question Operators and get them to create the reservation via scontrol. Granting Operator permission to end users isn't something we can do unfortunately, so I'm looking for another route.

Worst comes to the worst we could sort something out with authorised users creating a file containing a reservation spec which then gets picked up by a monitor script running as a service account with Operator permission, but that's a somewhat dirty solution. Something native would be nice :-)

Any help appreciated!


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