[slurm-users] Is that possible to submit jobs to a Slurm cluster right from a developer's PC

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Fri Dec 13 06:07:40 UTC 2019

On 12/12/19 7:38 am, Ryan Cox wrote:

> Be careful with this approach.  You also need the same munge key 
> installed everywhere.  If the developers have root on their own system, 
> they can submit jobs and run Slurm commands as any user.

I would echo Ryan's caution on this and add that as root they will be 
able to run admin commands on the box too, create reservations, shut 
Slurm down, cancel other users jobs, etc.

At the Slurm User Group this year Tim Wickberg foreshadowed (and demo'd 
with a very neat "pay-for-priority" box) a REST API planned for the 
Slurm 20.02 release.  It has its own auth system separate to munge and 
would make this a lot safer.

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