[slurm-users] Problem with monitoring cpu time for extern slurm step

Christian Becker christian.becker at math.tu-dortmund.de
Thu Oct 18 05:54:08 MDT 2018

Dear all,

we use pam_slurm_adopt to give users the possibility to make an ssh 
connection to a node with a running session.

But when I try to monitor such a session for cpu usage with sstat I get 
no results:

[root at puppeteer ~]# sstat -aj 3685.extern -o "MinCPU,AveCPU"
     MinCPU     AveCPU
---------- ----------

In that ssh session runs a simulation with full cpu load at that moment.

Our slurm version is 17.11.8

Monitoring of non ssh sessions works fine.

Best regards

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