[slurm-users] Python and R installation in a SLURM cluster

Georg Hildebrand georg.hildebrand at zalando.de
Mon May 14 05:56:58 MDT 2018

Just for completion. I can recommend using singularity
<https://singularity.lbl.gov/> /docker containers. You can copy them to the
worker nodes during sbatch. In the long run it eases up a lot.

Viele Grüße / kind regards

2018-05-10 17:48 GMT+02:00 Simon Flood <S.M.Flood at uis.cam.ac.uk>:

> On 10/05/18 16:35, Eric F. Alemany wrote:
> I know this might sounds as a very basic question: where in the cluster
>> should I install Python and R?
>> Headnode?
>> Execute nodes ?
>> And is there a particular directory (path) I need to install Python and R.
>> Background:
>> SLURM on Ubuntu 18.04
>> 1 headnode
>> 4 execute nodes
>> NFS shared drive among all nodes.
>> Thank you all for your help.
> (N)Either - install them in directories on the NFS shared drive so that
> all nodes have access to them. You'll then need to either manually set PATH
> and other environment variables or use module files to manage these.
> Presumably all nodes, head and execute, are running the same version of
> the same OS otherwise that could cause a problem with libraries, etc.
> HTH,
> Simon
> --
> Simon Flood
> HPC System Administrator
> University of Cambridge Information Services
> United Kingdom
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