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Eric F. Alemany ealemany at stanford.edu
Thu May 10 09:56:48 MDT 2018

Thank you Simon for your quick reply.

I liked the "(N)either" touch - makes sense


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On May 10, 2018, at 08:49, Simon Flood <S.M.Flood at uis.cam.ac.uk<mailto:S.M.Flood at uis.cam.ac.uk>> wrote:

On 10/05/18 16:35, Eric F. Alemany wrote:

I know this might sounds as a very basic question: where in the cluster should I install Python and R?
Execute nodes ?
And is there a particular directory (path) I need to install Python and R.
SLURM on Ubuntu 18.04
1 headnode
4 execute nodes
NFS shared drive among all nodes.
Thank you all for your help.

(N)Either - install them in directories on the NFS shared drive so that all nodes have access to them. You'll then need to either manually set PATH and other environment variables or use module files to manage these.

Presumably all nodes, head and execute, are running the same version of the same OS otherwise that could cause a problem with libraries, etc.

Simon Flood
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