[slurm-users] Python and R installation in a SLURM cluster

Thomas M. Payerle payerle at umd.edu
Thu May 10 11:32:40 MDT 2018

Assuming you plan for users to use R in jobs, it will need to be accessible
to the execute/compute nodes.
I would usually suggest on a shared drive.   Although it should be OK if
locally installed on each compute
node (probably want at same exact path and with same R packages
installed).  Presumably you would
also want it available on the login nodes (users tend to like to see what
software is installed, etc).  I do not believe
R is needed on the headnode (the one running the scheduler) unless that
also serves as the login node.

The situation for python would be the same, except that I do not recall if
the slurm daemons or utilities want
python (if so, you would need it on the head node, but would not need
science related packages like numpy/scipy).

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 11:35 AM, Eric F. Alemany <ealemany at stanford.edu>

> Hi All,
> I know this might sounds as a very basic question: where in the cluster
> should I install Python and R?
> Headnode?
> Execute nodes ?
> And is there a particular directory (path) I need to install Python and R.
> Background:
> SLURM on Ubuntu 18.04
> 1 headnode
> 4 execute nodes
> NFS shared drive among all nodes.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Best,
> Eric
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