[slurm-users] reserve gpus?

Robert Bjornson robert.bjornson at yale.edu
Fri Jan 12 12:00:18 MST 2018

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to create a reservation that includes
reserving gpus.  We  normally request them using something like --gres=gpu:2

I looked through the documentation for reservations and scontrol and don't
see any reference to reserving gres's.  The scontrol documentation seems to
imply that only a few TRES entities (cores, nodes, burstbuffers and
licenses) can be reserved.

Is there a way to request GRES's like gpus with the reservation?

We're running slurm 17.02.9

Thanks very much,

Rob Bjornson
robert.bjornson at yale.edu
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