[slurm-users] Slurm 17.11 X11 support questions

Mjelde, Matthew J mjmjelde at tamu.edu
Fri Jan 12 16:16:20 MST 2018


I am trying to get my cluster's native X11 support enabled, but am having some difficulty.  I generated the RPMs for slurm, installed them on my systems, and added the "PrologFlags=X11" in the slurm.conf file as well.  However, when I start up slurmd with the flag added, I get this error:

Jan 12 16:23:52 node-01 slurmd[15904]: error: X11 forwarding not built in, cannot enable.
Jan 12 16:23:52 node-01 slurmd[15904]: fatal: PrologFlags invalid: X11

I believe I need to generate the RPMs with libssh2 support enabled, however I do not see any documentation or options available in the slurm.spec to do so.  Has anyone else been able to generate the RPMs for slurm 17.11 with X11 support enabled?

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