[slurm-users] question about configuration in slurm.conf

Felix felix at itim-cj.ro
Tue Sep 26 11:22:14 UTC 2023


I have at my site the following work nodes

awn001 ... awn099

and then it continues awn100 ... awn199

How can I configure this line

PartitionName=debug Nodes=awn-0[01-32,46-77,95-99] Default=YES 

so that it can contain the nodes from 001 to 199

can I write:

PartitionName=debug Nodes=awn-0[01-32,46-77,95-99] awn-1[00-99] 
Default=YES MaxTime=INFINITE State=UP

is this correct?

Thank you


Dr. Eng. Farcas Felix
National Institute of Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technology,
IT - Department - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Mobile: +40742195323

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