[slurm-users] help with canceling or deleteing a job

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Tue Sep 19 12:27:44 UTC 2023

On 9/19/23 13:59, Felix wrote:
> Hello
> I have a job on my system which is running more than its time, more than 4 
> days.
> 1808851     debug  gridjob  atlas01 CG 4-00:00:19      1 awn-047

The job has state "CG" which means "Completing".  The Completing status is 
explained in "man sinfo".

This means that Slurm is trying to cancel the job, but it hangs for some 

> I'm trying to cancel it
> [@arc7-node ~]# scancel 1808851
> I get no message as if the job was canceled but when getting information 
> about the job, the job is still there
> [@arc7-node ~]# squeue | grep awn-047
>             1808851     debug  gridjob  atlas01 CG 4-00:00:19 1 awn-047

What is your UnkillableStepTimeout parameter?  The default of 60 seconds 
can be changed in slurm.conf.  My cluster:

$ scontrol show config | grep UnkillableStepTimeout
UnkillableStepTimeout   = 126 sec

> Can I do any other thinks to kill end the job?

It may be impossible to kill the job's processes, for example, if a 
filesystem is hanging.

You may log in to the node and give the job's processes a "kill -9".  Or 
just reboot the node.


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