[slurm-users] RequeueExit and --no-requeue option.

Michael Spradling mike at mspradling.com
Tue Oct 24 02:45:25 UTC 2023

I am a little confused by slurm.conf option RequeueExit.  I currently have this set "RequeueExit=1-9,11-255"
I expect this would requeue any job that doesn't return with an exit code of 0 or 10.  This works like expected, but it always seems to be requeueing even if the user doesn't want their job to be requeued with option --no-requeue.  I can't disable requeuing by default with slurm.conf setting JobRequeue=0.

Is this the expected behavior?

Sorry if this is a duplicate email.  I didn't subscribe to the mailiing list before sending the first email.​​​​​​

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