[slurm-users] Guidance on which HPC to try our "OpenHPC or TrintyX " for novice

Renfro, Michael Renfro at tntech.edu
Tue Oct 3 13:09:57 UTC 2023

I’d probably default to OpenHPC just for the community around it, but I’ll also note that TrinityX might not have had any commits in their GitHub for an 18-month period (unless I’m reading something wrong).

On Oct 3, 2023, at 5:51 AM, John Joseph <jjk_saji at yahoo.com> wrote:

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Dear All,
Good afternoon
I would like to install and study  and administer HPC, as first step planning to install one of the HPC. When I check the docs I can see OpenHPC and TrintyX both of them have slurm in built

Like to get advice, which one would be better for me (have knowledge in Linux command line and administration) . Which will be easier for me to install OpenHPC or TrinityX

Your guidance would help me to choose my path and much appreciated
Joseph John

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