[slurm-users] SLURM new user query, does SLURM has GUI /Web based management version also

Josef Dvoracek jose at fzu.cz
Tue Nov 28 10:13:09 UTC 2023

 > can you please advice me on the monitoring tools, I

I'm _somehow_ satisfied with:

Prometheus Slurm exporter - ( 
being grabbed by Telegraf - ( 
https://www.influxdata.com/time-series-platform/telegraf )
sending metrics to InfluxDB.

Visualisation is done by Grafana.

HTH and I'll be happy to hear about other ways, especially collectors, 
providing consistent state of slurm and its partition usage.. Mentioned 
exporter is not capturing well transitions, and aggregating 
visualizations have glitches.

But for high-level overview / quantitative view at system it's enough.


On 26. 11. 23 8:00, John Joseph wrote:
> On Sunday, 19 November, 2023 at 02:35:10 pm GST, Ole Holm Nielsen 
> <ole.h.nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk> wrote:
> On 19-11-2023 09:11, Joseph John wrote:
> > I am new user, trying out SLURM
> >
> > Like to check if the SLURM has a GUI/web based management tool also
> >Did you read the Quick Start Administrator Guide at
> >https://slurm.schedmd.com/quickstart_admin.html ?
> >I don't believe there are any Slurm management tools as a web GUI, and
> >that would probably be a security nightmare anyway because privileged
> >system access is required.
> There are a number of monitoring tools for viewing the status of Slurm 
> jobs.
> Thanks , can you please advice me on the monitoring tools, I have been 
> trying Zabbix, but with zabbix I am only able to get CPU and RAM 
> information of each node
> Not able to get the SLURM activirties monitored
> please advice about the monitoring tools for SLURM
> /Ole
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