[slurm-users] partition qos without managing users

Loris Bennett loris.bennett at fu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 23 13:42:27 UTC 2023

egonle at posteo.me writes:

> ok, I understand synching of users to slurm database is a task which
> it not built-in, but could be added outside of slurm :-)
> With regards to the QoS or Partition QoS setting I've tried several
> settings and configurations however it was not possible at all to
> configure a QoS on partition level only without not adding specific
> users to the slurm database.
> Either I don't understand the docs properly or there is no
> configuration option to limit jobs with e.g. cpu=4 globally on a
> partition.
> Could anybody share a configuration which set partition QoS
> (e.g. cpu=8) without managing users or a configuration to silently
> change the job QoS using job_submit.lua again without maintaining
> users within slurm database?

We add users to the Slurm DB automatically via job_submit.lua if they do
not already exist.  Probably not what you want to do if you have very
high throughput, which we do not.  For us it means that we minimize the
stuff which needs to be deleted for the case that some one applies for
HPC access, but does not use it within a certain period and is therefore
removed from the system.



> Thanks
>> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 14:37:11 -0800
>> From: Brian Andrus <toomuchit at gmail.com>
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>> Subject: Re: [slurm-users] partition qos without managing users
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>> You would have to do such syncing with your own scripts. There is no
>> way
>> slurm would be able to tell which users should have access and what
>> access without the slurmdb and such info is not contained in AD.
>> At our site, we iterate through the group(s) that are slurm user
>> groups
>> and add the users if they do not exist. We also delete users when they
>> are removed from AD. This does have the effect of losing job info
>> produced by said users, but since we export that into a larger historic
>> repository, we don't worry about it.
>> So simple case is to iterate through an AD group which your slurm
>> users
>> belong to and add them to slurmdbd. Once they are in there, you can set
>> defaults with exceptions for specific users.
>> If you are only looking to have settings apply to all users, you don't
>> have to import the users. Set the QoS for the partition.
>> Brian Andrus
>> On 11/20/2023 1:45 PM, egonle at posteo.me wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'd like to configure some sort of partition QoS so that the number
>>> of
>>> jobs or cpus is limited for a single user.
>>> So far my testing always depends on creating users within the
>>> accounting database however I'd like to avoid managing each user and
>>> having to create or sync _all_ LDAP users also within Sturm.
>>> Or - are there solutions to sync LDAP or AzureAD users to the Slurm
>>> accounting database?
>>> Thanks for any input.
>>> Best - Eg.
Dr. Loris Bennett (Herr/Mr)
ZEDAT, Freie Universität Berlin

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