[slurm-users] partition qos without managing users

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 00:41:40 UTC 2023


Could you be more specific as to what you want?
Is there a specific user you want to control, or no user should get more 
than x cpus in the partition? Or no single job should get more than x cpus?
The details matter to determine the right approach and right settings.

Brian Andrus

On 11/21/2023 10:51 AM, egonle at posteo.me wrote:
> ok, I understand synching of users to slurm database is a task which 
> it not built-in, but could be added outside of slurm :-)
> With regards to the QoS or Partition QoS setting I've tried several 
> settings and configurations however it was not possible at all to 
> configure a QoS on partition level only without not adding specific 
> users to the slurm database.
> Either I don't understand the docs properly or there is no 
> configuration option to limit jobs with e.g. cpu=4 globally on a 
> partition.
> Could anybody share a configuration which set partition QoS (e.g. 
> cpu=8) without managing users or a configuration to silently change 
> the job QoS using job_submit.lua again without maintaining users 
> within slurm database?
> Thanks
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>> You would have to do such syncing with your own scripts. There is no way
>> slurm would be able to tell which users should have access and what
>> access without the slurmdb and such info is not contained in AD.
>> At our site, we iterate through the group(s) that are slurm user groups
>> and add the users if they do not exist. We also delete users when they
>> are removed from AD. This does have the effect of losing job info
>> produced by said users, but since we export that into a larger historic
>> repository, we don't worry about it.
>> So simple case is to iterate through an AD group which your slurm users
>> belong to and add them to slurmdbd. Once they are in there, you can set
>> defaults with exceptions for specific users.
>> If you are only looking to have settings apply to all users, you don't
>> have to import the users. Set the QoS for the partition.
>> Brian Andrus
>> On 11/20/2023 1:45 PM, egonle at posteo.me wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'd like to configure some sort of partition QoS so that the number of
>>> jobs or cpus is limited for a single user.
>>> So far my testing always depends on creating users within the
>>> accounting database however I'd like to avoid managing each user and
>>> having to create or sync _all_ LDAP users also within Sturm.
>>> Or - are there solutions to sync LDAP or AzureAD users to the Slurm
>>> accounting database?
>>> Thanks for any input.
>>> Best - Eg.

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