[slurm-users] slurm power save question

Davide DelVento davide.quantum at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 14:58:31 UTC 2023

I've started playing with powersave and have a question about
SuspendExcNodes. The documentation at
https://slurm.schedmd.com/power_save.html says

For example nid[10-20]:4 will prevent 4 usable nodes (i.e IDLE and not
DOWN, DRAINING or already powered down) in the set nid[10-20] from being
powered down.

I initially interpreted that as "Slurm will try to keep 4 nodes idle on as
much as possible", which would have reduced the wait time for new jobs
targeting those nodes. Instead, it appears to mean "Slurm will not shut off
the last 4 nodes which are idle in that partition, however it will not turn
on nodes which it shut off earlier unless jobs are scheduled on them"

Most notably if the 4 idle nodes will be allocated to other jobs (and so
they are no idle anymore) slurm does not turn on any nodes which have been
shut off earlier, so it's possible (and depending on workloads perhaps even
common) to have no idle nodes on regardless of the SuspendExcNode settings.

Is that how it works, or do I have anything else in my setting which is
causing this unexpected-to-me behavior? I think I can live with it, but
IMHO it would have been better if slurm attempted to turn on nodes
preemptively trying to match the requested SuspendExcNodes, rather than
waiting for job submissions.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to people in the USA
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