[slurm-users] Limit run time of interactive jobs

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon May 8 10:55:59 UTC 2023

On 5/8/23 08:39, Bjørn-Helge Mevik wrote:
> Angel de Vicente <angel.de.vicente at iac.es> writes:
>> But one possible way to something similar is to have a partition only
>> for interactive jobs and a different partition for batch jobs, and then
>> enforce that each job uses the right partition. In order to do this, I
>> think we can use the Lua contrib module (check the job_submit.lua
>> example).
> Wouldn't it be simpler to just refuse too long interactive jobs in
> job_submit.lua?

This sounds like a good idea, but how would one identify an interactive 
job in the job_submit.lua script?  A solution was suggested in 

> Interactive jobs have no script and job_desc.script will be empty / not set.

So maybe something like this code snippet?

if job_desc.script == NIL then
    -- This is an interactive job
    -- make checks of job timelimit
    if job_desc.time_limit > 3600 then
      slurm.log_user("NOTICE: Interactive jobs are limited to 3600 seconds")
      -- ESLURM_INVALID_TIME_LIMIT in slurm_errno.h
      return 2051


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