[slurm-users] slurm-users Digest, Vol 65, Issue 38

Thomas Arildsen thomas at arildsen.org
Wed May 3 09:57:25 UTC 2023

Hi Jürgen

Thanks for your feedback. I think you are right that I should probably 
be using `sreport` for this. I think there must be some other reason 
that `sreport` is not showing me any actual output. Perhaps the 
explanation could be that we currently do not have users organised in 
accounts. We just have one big pile of users. I will look further into this.

Best regards,


Den 27.03.2023 kl. 11.07 skrev slurm-users-request at lists.schedmd.com:
> Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2023 17:49:06 +0200
> From: Juergen Salk<juergen.salk at uni-ulm.de>
> To: Slurm User Community List<slurm-users at lists.schedmd.com>
> Subject: Re: [slurm-users] Getting usage reporting from sacct/sreport
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> Hi Thomas,
> I think sreport should actually do what you want out of the box if you
> have permissions to retrieve that information for other users than
> yourself.
> In my understanding, sacct is meant for individual job and job step
> accounting while sreport is more suitable for aggregated cluster usage
> accounting. Thus, sreport also accounts for reservation hours which
> sacct does not.
> sreport should also be able to report on consumed GRES-hours, such as
> GPU hours in your case, but you'll probably have to use '-T' option in
> order to include that information to the report.
> In case it matters, our AccountingStorageTRES looks like that:
> AccountingStorageTRES=gres/scratch,gres/gpu
> (We also account for local scratch space allocations as a GRES.)
> These are the commands that we usually point our users to when
> they ask for their historical ressource utilization:
>    https://wiki.bwhpc.de/e/BwForCluster_JUSTUS_2_Slurm_HOWTO#How_to_retrieve_historical_resource_usage_for_a_specific_user_or_account.3F
> (But omit 'user=<username>' or 'account=<account>' for a report on all
> users or accounts.)
> Hope that helps.
> Best regards
> J?rgen

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