[slurm-users] Regarding Multi-Cluster Accounting Information

Shaghuf Rahman shaghuf at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 06:16:11 UTC 2023


I am new to slurm. I am setting up a multi cluster environment. I  have 1
small doubt with respect to the user accounting. My setup will look like
Cluster name A: *Alpha* (Slurmctld)
Cluster name B: *Beta* (Slurmctld)
Both controllers are pointing to the same database server.
My slurm accounting name is *hpc_acc_db*.
I have added unique users as:
user1 alpha_grp (belongs to alpha cluster).
user1 beta_grp {belongs to beta c.luster).

My question is if this accounting should be unique in both the clusters or
it should be 2 different entries mentioned above.
do we need to add user as
sacctmgr add user user1 account=alpha_grp cluster=Alpha,Beta  or
it should be different like:
sacctmgr add user user1 account=alpha_grp cluster=Alpha
sacctmgr add user1 account=beta_grp cluster=Beta

Please let me know in case of any additional information.

Shaghuf Rahman
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