[slurm-users] completion log scripts

Stephen Berg (Code 7309) stephen.berg at nrlssc.navy.mil
Mon Jun 26 13:16:11 UTC 2023

On 6/26/23 05:57, Stephen Berg (Code 7309) wrote:
> I've been hunting for any example of a job completion logging script. 
> Currently I'm just using the text file plugin but I'd like to at least 
> get an idea of how a script can be utilized.  As near as I can figure 
> out so far the script option passes a set of variables to whatever 
> script is called to be handled however.  What I haven't found is a 
> list of those variables. I'm pretty sure that list matches what the 
> completion log shows but that's just a guess right now.
> Anyone got an example of something perl, python or bash that handles 
> the completion logging?
I do have a very basic and simple script working now. One thing I still 
haven't found is a list of all environment variables available when the 
script runs at job completion.

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