[slurm-users] Several slurmdbds against one mysql server?

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 22:06:01 UTC 2023

Not wanting something is not the same as not needing it or it matters. 
Personally, I don't care what color it is, if someone gave me a new 
Ferrari, I would not worry about the color. Do you need to have the same 
job ids among clusters? Seems that should not matter at all.

The clusters ARE wholly independent. When you submit a job, UNLESS you 
tell it to run on a different cluster, it will go to the default one for 
that node (ie the one configured in the local slurm.conf). It gives you 
the ability to submit to another cluster, but by no means do you have to 
do that.

You should consider your needs. You are claiming you need both an 
irresistible force and an immovable object. You want your reports to be 
able to be consolidated and/or separate. Federated does that. Having 
other benefits that you won't use should be superfluous and not have any 

You can do it however you like. You asked if there was a good or 
existing way to do it easily, that was provided. Up to you if you want 
to write your own scripts that do the work and manage that, or just have 
to learn the ins and outs of running sreport.

Good luck.

On 4/30/2023 2:38 PM, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> Hello,
> Brian Andrus <toomuchit at gmail.com> writes:
>> Ole is spot on with his federated suggestion. That is exactly what fits the bill
>> for you, given your requirements. You can have everything you want, but you
>> don't get to have it how you want (separate databases).
>> When/If you looked deeper into it, you will find that it addresses the
>> requirements.
> I might be missing something but I don't see how a Slurm federated
> cluster does what I need. From
> https://slurm.schedmd.com/federation.html:
> ,----
> | Jobs submitted to a federation receive a unique job ID that is unique
> | among all clusters in the federation. A job is submitted to the local
> | cluster (the cluster defined in the slurm.conf) and is then replicated
> | across the clusters in the federation. Each cluster then independently
> | attempts to the schedule the job based off of its own scheduling
> | policies. The clusters coordinate with the "origin" cluster (cluster the
> | job was submitted to) to schedule the job.
> `----
> + I don't want unique job IDs among all clusters
> + When I submit a job to a local cluster, I don't want each cluster to
>    try and schedule the jobs, I just want the local cluster to schedule it.
> + I want to keep the clusters wholly independent, EXCEPT for keeping all
>    the data regarding job statistics in a single database.
> Cheers,

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