[slurm-users] Prolog and job_submit

Davide DelVento davide.quantum at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 12:46:06 UTC 2022

Thanks for helping me find workarounds.

> My only other thought is that you might be able to use node features &
> job constraints to communicate this without the user realising.

I am not sure I understand this approach.

> For instance you could declare the nodes where the software is installed
> to have "Feature=mysoftware" and then your job submit could spot users
> requesting the license and add the constraint "mysoftware" to their job.
> The (root privileged) Prolog can see that via the SLURM_JOB_CONSTRAINTS
> environment variable and so could react to it.

Are you saying that if the job_submit.lua can't directly add an
environmental variable that the prolog can see, but can add the
constraint which will become an environmental variable that the prolog
can see?
Would that work if that feature is available in all nodes?

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