[slurm-users] What happens if slurmdbd loses connection to mysql

Richard Chang rchang.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 04:48:47 UTC 2022


I have two dedicated nodes for slurm, node1 and node2.

I have created the following.







*Mariadb Server for accounting storage*















Shared NFS Storage from an NFS Server, for StateSaveLocation.

I want to know what if Node2 goes down. I have read in the documentation 
that if slurmdbd does down, slurmctld can still hold back the accounting 
info and when the slurmdbd is back up, it will get it passed on and 
written to the backend database ( not the exact words, but in that vein).

Just want to know what if node2 goes down and the backup slurmdbd in 
node1 takes over. Will it fail instantaneously or keep logging the data 
in it's memory and write back to the DB when it is back up ?

Hope I could explain what I mean.

Thanks & regards,

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