[slurm-users] Switch setting in slurm.conf breaks slurmctld if the switch type is not there in slurmcrld node

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Fri Oct 28 05:51:50 UTC 2022

On 10/28/22 07:35, Richard Chang wrote:
> I have observed that when I specify a switch type in the slurm.conf file 
> and that particular switch type is not present in the slurmctld node, 
> slurmctld panics and shuts down. Is this expected ? My slurmctld doesn't 
> have the switch type, but the computes have that switch type. how can I 
> set it up so that it can utilise the feature but not break slurm.

What is you line in slurm.conf?  The manual page seems to describe what 
you have observed:

               Identifies the type of switch or interconnect used for 
               tion      communications.      Acceptable     values 
               "switch/cray_aries" for Cray systems, "switch/none" for 
               not  requiring  special processing for job launch or 
               (Ethernet,  and   InfiniBand)   and   The   default   value 
               "switch/none".   All  Slurm  daemons,  commands and running 
               must be restarted for a change in SwitchType to take 
effect.  If
               running jobs exist at the time slurmctld is restarted with 
a new
               value of SwitchType, records of all jobs in  any  state 
may  be

Why do you want to use this configuration?  Is your system a Cray?


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