[slurm-users] Test Suite problems related to requesting tasks

Bjørn-Helge Mevik b.h.mevik at usit.uio.no
Tue Oct 25 07:49:49 UTC 2022

"Groner, Rob" <rug262 at psu.edu> writes:

> I'm wondering OVERALL if the test suite is supposed to work on ANY
> working slurm system. I could not find any documentation on how the
> slurm configuration and nodes were required to be setup in order for
> the test to work....no indication that the test suite requires a
> particular configuration in order to run successfully.

My experience is that the test suite makes some assumptions about the
setup, so it will not work with just any config.  And as you, I haven't
found any documentation about what it expects.

> So in other
> words, I can't tell if these failing tests are a result of an actual
> problem, or a result of the way our cluster is configured,

I tend to look at what the failing tests do, and try to figure out what
they expect in terms of the config.  It's a bit of work, but (at least
for our setups) there haven't been too many cases.  (And there are a
couple of tests I've never understood why they fail. :) )

We have a special config for running the test suite, modified so that
most of the assumptions are met.  For instance, we turn off the job
submit plugin, any prologs/epilogs, healthcheck script, configless mode;
and keep things like SchedulerParameters at their default value.

> and if it's because of how our cluster is configured, then is it
> unreasonable to think I can make use of the test suite?

If the failing test is for some feature that we don't use, a different
setup than what we have in production, or something that is not
essential for our clusters, we just ignore the test.  We have a small list
of known "please ignore" test failures. :)

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