[slurm-users] Test Suite problems related to requesting tasks

Groner, Rob rug262 at psu.edu
Mon Oct 24 15:56:10 UTC 2022

I'm really pleased to find the test suite included with slurm, and after some initial difficulty, I now am able to run the unit tests and expect tests.

The expect tests seem to generally be failing whenever the test involves tasks.  Anything asking for more than 1 task per node is failing.

[2022-10-24T11:06:53.560] debug3: task/affinity: _get_avail_map: slurmctld s 48 c 1; hw s 2 c 24 t 1
[2022-10-24T11:06:53.560] debug3: task/affinity: _get_avail_map: StepId=2936.0 core mask from slurmctld: 0x000000000001
[2022-10-24T11:06:53.560] debug3: task/affinity: _get_avail_map: StepId=2936.0 CPU final mask for local node: 0x000000000001
[2022-10-24T11:06:53.560] error: only 1 bits in avail_map for 5 tasks!

I'm wondering OVERALL if the test suite is supposed to work on ANY working slurm system.  I could not find any documentation on how the slurm configuration and nodes were required to be setup in order for the test to work....no indication that the test suite requires a particular configuration in order to run successfully.  So in other words, I can't tell if these failing tests are a result of an actual problem, or a result of the way our cluster is configured, and if it's because of how our cluster is configured, then is it unreasonable to think I can make use of the test suite?



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