[slurm-users] Accounting core-hours usages

Jörg Striewski striewski at ismll.de
Mon Oct 10 14:46:54 UTC 2022

did you enter the information slurm needs for the database in 
slurmdbd,conf and slurm.conf ?

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Jörg Striewski

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University of Hildesheim Germany
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On 10.10.22 16:38, Sushil Mishra wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am pretty new to system administration and looking for some help 
> setup slumdb or maridb in a GPU cluster. We bought a machine but the 
> vendor simply installed slurm and did not install any database for 
> accounting. I tried installing MariaDB and then slurmdb as described 
> in the manual but looks like I am missing something. I wonder if 
> someone can help us with this off the list? I only need to keep an 
> account of the core hours used by each user only. Is there any 
> alternate way of keeping an account of core hour usages per user 
> without installing DB?
> Best,
> Sushil

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