[slurm-users] X11 forwarding, slurm-22.05.3, hostbased auth

Tina Friedrich tina.friedrich at it.ox.ac.uk
Mon Oct 10 14:18:09 UTC 2022

I remember having problems in that it worked via SSH - did you check 
that (i.e. if you 'ssh -X' to a node it works?) - but not via SLURM.

That seemed to be authorization, and the way the SLURM inbuild method 
generated the magic cookies - it couldn't cope with the node hostname 
being it's FQDN, it needed it to be the short hostname. I 'fixed' it by 
changing all the nodes' hostnames to short format :) (CentOS uses long 
by default, but it's not as if I really care).


On 09/10/2022 22:30, Weijun Gao wrote:
> Hi Allan,
> I don't remember exactly, and it's just something to check ... I had a 
> similar problem a long time ago and it was a typo in /etc/hosts or 
> /etc/resolv.conf (login node?).
> Best,
> Weijun
> On 10/6/2022 3:58 PM, Allan Streib wrote:
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>> Davide DelVento <davide.quantum at gmail.com> writes:
>>> Perhaps just a very trivial question, but it doesn't look you
>>> mentioned it: does your X-forwarding work from the login node? Maybe
>>> the X-server on your client is the problem and trying xclock on the
>>> login node would clarify that
>> Sorry, yes running xterm, xclock, etc. on the login node works.
>> Thanks,
>> Allan

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