[slurm-users] container on slurm cluster

Markus Kötter koetter at cispa.de
Wed May 18 09:33:50 UTC 2022


On 18.05.22 08:25, Stephan Roth wrote:

> Personal note: I'm not sure what I'd choose as a successor to 
> Singularity 3.8, yet. Thoughts are welcome.

I can recommend nvidia enroot/pyxis.
enroot does unprivileged sandboxes/containers, pyxis is the slurm SPANK 



Notes from operation:
I recommend using nvme for the container storage, default configuration 
uses tmpfs.

> …/enroot.conf

> ENROOT_RUNTIME_PATH /tmp/enroot/user-$(id -u)

> ENROOT_DATA_PATH /tmp/enroot-data/user-$(id -u)

> d     /tmp/enroot/ 0777 root root - -
> d     /tmp/enroot-data/ 0777 root root - -
> d     /tmp/pyaxis-runtime/ 0777 root root - -

>     dest: /etc/slurm/plugstack.conf.d/pyxis.conf

>     content: |

>       required /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/slurm/spank_pyxis.so runtime_path=/tmp/pyxis-runtime/

Time savers:
The container url formatting is … unexpected, # is used as seperator for 
the path in host:port#path/file - and may need to be escaped to avoid 
getting interpreted as comment.

It uses a netrc formatted .credentials file for container registries 
with authentication.
Insert the credentials twice - with and without port.

Can do more than documented. (e.g. #SBATCH --container-image)

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