[slurm-users] container on slurm cluster

GHui ugiwgh at qq.com
Wed May 18 07:22:49 UTC 2022

Hi, Brian Andrus
I think the main poblem is that container can cheat Slurm.

On 5/17/22 06:58:20, Brian Andrus wrote:
> You are starting to understand a major issue with most containers.
> I suggest you check out Singularity, which was built from the ground up
> to address most issues. And it can run other container types (eg: docker).
> Brian Andrus
>> On 5/17/22 7:49 AM, GHui wrote:
>> I use podman 4.0.2. And slurm 21.08.8-2.
>> I run container on my host with username rsync. And it only has itself privilege.
>> I create the same username, UID and GID in container with the host.
>> I run "podman exec -it container-id /bin/bash" to login with host user rsync. And the user is root on container.
>> Now I submit job with root in container. And job is running on host. And the job's owner is root.
>> So I submit a job with user rsync, but it runs as root privilege.
>> On 5/16/22 7:53 AM, GHui wrote:
>>> I fount a serious problem. If I run a container on a common user, eg. tom. In container I switch user to jack, now, if I submit a job to slurm cluster, the job owner is jack.
>>> So I use the tom account submit a jack's job.
>>> Any help will be appreciated.
>>> --GHui

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