[slurm-users] upgrading slurm to 20.11

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Tue May 17 15:03:40 UTC 2022

You need to step upgrade through major versions (not minor).

So 19.05=>20.x

I would highly recommend going to 21.08 while you are at it.
I just did the same migration (although they started at 18.x) with no 
issues. Running jobs were not impacted and users didn't even notice.

Brian Andrus

On 5/17/2022 7:35 AM, byron wrote:
> Hi
> I'm looking at upgrading our install of slurm from 19.05 to 20.11 in 
> responce to the recenty announced security vulnerabilities.
> I've been through the documentation / forums and have managed to find 
> the answers to most of my questions but am still unclear about the 
> following
>  - In upgrading the slurmdbd from 19.05 to 20.11 do I need to go 
> through all the versions (19.05 => 20.2 => 20.11)?  From reading the 
> forums it look as though it is necesary
> https://groups.google.com/g/slurm-users/c/fftVPaHvTzQ/m/YTWo1mRjAwAJ
> https://groups.google.com/g/slurm-users/c/kXtepX8-L7I/m/udwySA3bBQAJ
>    However if that is the case it would seem strange that SchedMD have 
> removed 20.2 from the downloads page (I understand the reason is that 
> it contains the exploit) if it is still required for the upgrade.
> - We are running version 5.5.68 of the MariaDB, the version that comes 
> with centos7.9.   I've seen a few references to upgrading v5.5 but 
> they were in the context of upgrading from slurm 17 to 18.  I'm 
> wondering if its ok to stick with this version since we're already on 
> slurm 19.05.
> Any help much appreciated.

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