[slurm-users] upgrading slurm to 20.11

byron lbgpublic at gmail.com
Tue May 17 14:35:42 UTC 2022


I'm looking at upgrading our install of slurm from 19.05 to 20.11 in
responce to the recenty announced security vulnerabilities.

I've been through the documentation / forums and have managed to find the
answers to most of my questions but am still unclear about the following

 - In upgrading the slurmdbd from 19.05 to 20.11 do I need to go through
all the versions (19.05 => 20.2 => 20.11)?  From reading the forums it look
as though it is necesary
   However if that is the case it would seem strange that SchedMD have
removed 20.2 from the downloads page (I understand the reason is that it
contains the exploit) if it is still required for the upgrade.

- We are running version 5.5.68 of the MariaDB, the version that comes with
centos7.9.   I've seen a few references to upgrading v5.5 but they were in
the context of upgrading from slurm 17 to 18.  I'm wondering if its ok to
stick with this version since we're already on slurm 19.05.

Any help much appreciated.
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